Click to enlargeManeki Neko 9.5" Black Lucky Cat

Maneki Neko 9.5" Black Lucky Cat

Whiskers are not painted on surface.
Legend has it that the rare and hard-to-find Black Maneki Neko fights off evil or evil spirits. The Black Maneki Neko gained popularity among the ladies to ward off stalkers.

What is Maneki Neko?
Maneki Neko is not just any kind of cat figurine. It sits and has it's front paw raised as if it is calling for someone and is the only one that can be called a "Maneki Neko". For many decades the "Fortune Cat", "Otafuku" and "Fukusuke" have been widely favored for business prosperity, family happiness, and the calling of many customers. Set it in your home, computer work station area, office, business, restaurant or store. Legend has it that the LEFT PAW UP invites people or customers while the RIGHT PAW UP brings luck and fortune. The origin of this legend is not clear. The most popular and the majority of Lucky Cats or Maneki Nekos have their LEFT PAW UP (which eventually due to its beckoning of customers, brings good fortune). It works as a kind of lucky charm. All of our Maneki Neko's paw are shown forward for the purpose of "beckoning" or "welcoming". Our most popular Maneki Neko are spotted-colored on white. Spotted-colored white cats have been known as a rarity in Japan for many decades and have always been considered a kind of a legendary lucky charm.
Most Maneki Neko, regardless of color, ful-fill a dual purpose due to these legends. They are carefully designed and crafted into an attractive welcoming or beckoning figurine to all who see it and a piggy bank providing a mindful and useful purpose. Only the smaller sizes, such as less than 4 inches are usually just figurines.
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